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Monday, January 17, 2011

Unsorted notes on

Robert Fisk
The Arabs used to say that two-thirds of the entire Tunisian population – seven million out of 10 million, virtually the whole adult population – worked in one way or another for Mr Ben Ali's secret police

[doh: so what kind of recrimination can they look forward to? Truth and reconciliation? Look at how stasi files are still and issue in Germany, 20 years on]

More Fisk
the "unity" government is to be formed by Mohamed Ghannouchi, a satrap of Mr Ben Ali's for almost 20 years, a safe pair of hands who will have our interests – rather than his people's interests – at heart.

Also: Amelia Andersdotter on the internet aspects. She also raises the prospect of Tunisia becoming a francophone outsourcing destination (not that there's a shortage of those

Justified boosterism

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