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Sunday, April 17, 2011

vim outliner (snippet)

Vim has a plugin for outlines, clearly described here. Create a file with the extension otl, and you'll get some visual help in managing an outline.

Whitespace denotes indentation level, colons mark text content. It builds on the vim folding commands:

  • zc: collapse hierarchy

  • zo: expand hierarchy one level

  • zO: expand hierarchy all the way

  • [z: move to header (]z move to next header]

There are also some commands specific to vimoutliner. these are introduced with a double comma, and listed in the documentation

Finally, it's possibe to get ascii checkbox functionality, a little like emacs org-mode. This requires installing a plugin-for-the-plugin, and I've not yet tried it. Details in :help vimoutliner

The real get out of my head command is this perfect incarnation of my own notation for marking tasks as done:

,,T normal Pre-pend timestamp (HH:MM:SS) to heading

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