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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GTD repeating

I'm an intermittent fan of GTD. That is, I tend to ignore it for a while, and then

This largely depends on what's happenign in my life; there are long stretches where I only need to deal with one or two large projects. Since GTD is optimized for managers needing to track a large number of small tasks, it's not much use for me. But then live spins out of control, and I return to David Allen for some imitation of control.
Within GTD, the big problem is that it doesn't handle big tasks very well. Often a project consists of "Do this. Then do it another 850 times, over the next 3 moths". Sure, I can keep adding each chunk to my next actions, but it doesn't really help. What I need is something to remind me that I need to work on the task, show and recognize the work I'm putting into it, and otherwise keep out of the way.

So, I took a look round online to figure out how to deal with the problem. Turns out there isn't one; everybody has bolted her own system onto it. Sucks, really it does.

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