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Friday, March 25, 2011

Small change and a nosebleed

Smaller bits stolen from B&T:

dsquared: "If you look at really durable dictatorships they're nearly always mass membership political parties."

Russian TV: "Assuming that everything on reality TV is fake seems to me less a product of Soviet cynicism and more robust common sense, butcalling your reality TV company "Potemkin Productions" is a nice touch"

One sub-point of Paul Mason's revolution-analysis tour de force: "are we creating a complete disconnect between the values and language of the state and those of the educated young? Egypt is a classic example - if you hear the NDP officials there is a time-warped aspect to their language compared to that of young doctors and lawyers on the Square. But there are also examples in the UK: much of the political discourse - on both sides of the House of Commons - is treated by many young people as a barely intelligible "noise" - and this goes wider than just the protesters.

As Sudanese police lure activists to a fake 'protest', and arrest them: "any calculation of the actual effect of social media on protest comes down to the question "how smart are the local cops?"'

Zombies are workers, vampires are aristocrats, werewolves are yokels -- what are the middle-class monsters? Answers: possessed people, doppelgangers.And:

Haunted houses might factor in there too - is there anything more fundamentally middle-class than the desire for home ownership even though it might eat you?

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