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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buck Rogers

Ah, nostalgia. The internet currently seems to function as an enormous engine for encouraging and amplifying nostalgia, providing endless information with which to peer into every crevice of our upbringing.

Music, today. Grooveshark and some light googling helped me recover Buck Rogers, which was ubiquitous around my school in 2001*. The kind of thing that was once ubiquitous and I now hardly ever hear. G has said that trance is her Volksmusic, having been all over Israel as she grew up (and still, I suppose). Certain kinds of rock are in a similar position for me: not actually very good, but psychologically imprinted at a particular moment.

Now, looking back at it, I get to puzzle over the details you don't notice until you stop and look from afar. Why is it called 'Buck Rogers'? What is with the lyrics? Even songmeanings can't make much out of it.

* actually, I'd imagined it being a few years earlier than that, but I trust wikipedia more than i trust my memory.

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