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This is a semi-public place to dump text too flimsy to even become a blog post. I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you have a lot of time to waste. You'd be better off at my livejournal. I also have another blog, and write most of the French journal summaries at the Eurozine Review.

Why do I clutter up the internet with this stuff at all? Mainly because I'm trying to get into the habit of displaying as much as possible of what I'm doing in public. Also, Blogger is a decent interface for a notebook

Friday, March 20, 2009

Explanation and expiation

This follows my usual trend with anything I write, the problem of tricking myself into writing anything publicly, rather than beating myself into silence with the force of my unwillingness to write anything imperfect.

So...this blog is aiming for volume rather than quantity. I'm keeping it all private to begin with, although i may open it up in future. I'm hoping to use it mainly as a mine for future material, taking paragraphs from here and there, while building up enough momentum to eventually transfer into writing a frequently-updated blog of my own.

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